About CRGE

Established in September 2019, the Centre for Research & Graduate Education (CRGE) encompasses a range of activities.

Its Research & Transfer Unit is here to contribute to the DKU's activities in research and transfer.

Its Academic Improvement Unit provides a platform for faculty, students and young scholars within and outside DKU to interact with their fellow colleagues with the overarching goal of building and enhancing their academic writing, research and presentation skills.

CRGE likewise runs the DKU Fellows Program paving the way for scientific collaborations with researchers via stays at DKU, typically between two weeks and six months long.

In the medium term, a Graduate School is to be opened which will offer structured research training programs leading to PhD.

Click below for details on each of the three existing Centre’s units.

Detailed information is available at the link below:

Александр Тен
Head of CRGE

Centre for Research &
Graduate Education
Kazakh-German University
050010, Nazarbayev Avenue 173
Almaty, Kazakhstan