DKU Fellows

Under its DKU Fellows Program, the Kazakh-German University provides the opportunity for researchers from other universities to come to Almaty as visiting researchers to enrich the DKU community. They may conduct own research and/or collaborate with DKU faculty in an area of common interest. To be eligible, you must have a research theme related to DKU expertise.

The DKU Fellows Program is divided into two categories: Junior Fellows at least enrolled in an MA program; and Senior Fellows having obtained a doctorate. The typical duration of researcher stays is between two weeks and six months. During their stay, DKU Fellows will be provided a dedicated working space with internet access and printer. A computer may be provided by agreement. Fellows are entitled to use DKU research facilities, including its library and JSTOR on-line library resources. Depending on funding availability, DKU may award Fellows subject-specific allowances. (Note: Unless stated below on this page, there are currently no funds available for this purpose!) We expect Fellows hosted for four weeks or more to give one speech in the DKU Talks series during their stay and to prepare an article for one of our research outlets (DKU Occasional Papers, Vestnik or CAJWR).

  • DKU Senior Fellows

  • DKU Junior Fellows

We encourage interested prospective DKU Fellows to commence the application process early in advance, in no case later than six months prior to the proposed visit. The following materials are to accompany the application:

  • cover letter indicating your applicable status (junior or senior), the proposed visit duration and dates and the DKU faculty to which the research is related: Economic Sciences, Engineering Economics or Social and Political Sciences. In case you plan to stay four weeks or more, please, also propose the title of your talk as well as the title of your paper and the DKU outlet for its further publication: DKU Occasional Papers, DKU Vestnik or CAJWR;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • brief description and implementation plan for the proposed research project, including a statement explaining why DKU presents an appropriate setting for the work (all in English and altogether no more than three pages).

Please, send your full application in one PDF file to