Language Centre

German courses at KGU

KGU offers German language courses for everyone who is interested in studying German. These courses are suitable for everyone whether you are a German language beginner or you would like to continue to improve your German.

The duration of the course to master one language level is 54 academic hours or 9 weeks.

Classes are held 3 times a week (2 academic hours) from 18:30 to 20:00.

Course dates:

  • From January to March 2018.
  • From April to June, 2018.
  • From September to December 2018.

Course price:

  • The base price is 44 000 tenge.
  • The price for students — 39 000 tenge.

Upon completion of the language course you will receive a certificate of the Language Centre, Kazakh-German University which confirms that you have successfully completed the course.

Sign up for German courses! Contact us +7 727 355-05-51 (ext. 507).
Register three weeks before the start of classes.