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Regional processes management

Faculty of World Politics

The educational program is aimed at training specialists in the field of economic sciences working in research and educational institutions, as well as government agencies, commercial enterprises and non-profit organizations engaged in various types of international activities, primarily at the regional level.

Graduates of this educational program, in addition to fundamental knowledge in the field of economics, international relations (regional studies), possess the skills of analyzing political, socio-economic, and socio-cultural processes in the region of specialization; the skills of preparing analytical and research developments, strategic planning and making recommendations of an applied nature.

Duration of study: a 2 year-program of scientific-pedagogical master’s program.

Languages of instruction: Russian and English.

The program provides for conducting classes in Russian and English, which gives students the opportunity to attend classes of foreign lecturers and specialists.

The educational program develops the skills of analytical, expert and research activities. The program integrates the preparation of undergraduates for teaching activities.



  • Theoretical basis of regional research
  • Regional research methodology
  • History, political processes and problems of Central Asia
  • Social, economic and identification processes
  • Conflict studies
  • Management


Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates can build a career:

  • at international organizations and foreign companies;
  • at state institutions and structures involved in foreign policy;
  • at translation companies;
  • at departments of public and media relations.

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    Student support

    Earn scholarships that cover tuition fees and living costs by your intellectual work.

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    Double Degree programme

    Study on Double Degree programme with international accreditation financed by DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service.

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    Professors from Germany

    You can attend lectures and classes conducted by professors from Germany, without leaving Kazakhstan.

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    Continuing education abroad

    You have opportunity to do internship in Germany, and after earning a bachelor’s degree you can study further there or in other countries.