Research & Transfer

Research & Transfer (R&T) at CRGE is the Kazakh-German University’s platform for research, development and capacity building connected to our areas of expertise, including water, climate change, sustainable development, renewable resources, Central Asian regional security and cooperation, and logistics and digitisation. Grant writing and project implementation remain the sole responsibilities of our institutes and faculties.

Our R&T Unit oversees these efforts together with the Science and Innovative Activities Department and Vice Rector for Research. Featuring DKU research and transfer at a glance at this page, relevant activities are documented as well as DKU outlets presented here: our DKU Vestnik university research journal and the DKU Occasional Papers series published on CRGE’s behalf.

This page also provides a link to the Central Asian Journal of Water Research (CAJWR) — a DKU-published peer-reviewed journal. Laying emphasis on the DKU’s ambition to increase its internationally excellent research in terms of originality, scientific rigor and real-world significance, this page also displays selected publications of DKU faculty (see right).

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