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DKU students took part in the video conference of the youth organization Association of Russian Germans in Germany

On May 30, at the initiative of the Youth Organization of Russian Germans in Germany (www.jugend-lmdr.de/) the first video conference was held with the participation of representatives of youth organizations of active structural formations of Russian Germans in the territory of former republics of the USSR.

The event marked the beginning of a long-term pilot project in the information space aimed at expanding the existing international youth cooperation of Russian Germans in the context of the pandemic coronavirus COVID 19. When borders are closed between many states, when different preventive restrictions on the spread of coronavirus are in place (different in all countries), when difficult holding major international forums, multilateral meetings, congresses, scientific and practical conferences or symposia. Including, with the participation of representatives of youth organizations.

Chairman of the Management Board of the Youth Organization of Russian Germans in Germany Walter Gauks delivered a welcoming speech. In his speech, he reiterated his willingness to share existing practices, experience of working with young people, with everyone wishing to enrich the content of their activities.

The video conference was attended by DKU alumnus Eldar Zekrist co-organizer of the international project www.bezgraniz.org and DKU student of the Faculty of World Politics Eldaniz Guseinov.

Summary of the report, Eldar Zekrist

Topic: «Ethnic Germans are the link between the peoples of Europe and the CIS”.

The idea of the report is the need to develop links between countries at the level of national and ethno-cultural community, which will create not only strong links between representatives of the different ethnic groups in different countries, but also have a positive impact on interstate relations.

Summary of the report, Eldaniz Guseinov

«In view of the fact that interstate student exchange occupies one of the priority places in public diplomacy, I would like to stress out also the work of students self-government. Student councils are the basis for the formation of democratic values among students, as the main positions in such organizations are elected and their purpose are to represent and protect students' interests. From my personal experience, I can say that unfortunately not all universities of Kazakhstan take seriously student self-government and such associations are well developed. Therefore, I consider it possible to start a dialogue between the student councils of Kazakhstan (KDM) and Germany (since almost all federal lands activities of similar student organizations governed by law). Dialogue is necessary for sharing experiences about the work of organizations of both parties, especially for studying legal issues. In the future, it is possible to organize joint forums and conferences, as well as conduct cultural events (like Kazakhstan week in universities of Germany and Germany week in universities of Kazakhstan, online classes in Kazakh and German languages, etc.)”