DKU: new management team


We’d like to inform you about personal changes in the organizational structure of the Kazakh-German University from March 05, 2020.
The DKU Board of Trustees decided to appoint Olesya Unger, a highly qualified specialist in management and consulting, to the position of the president of DKU from March 5, 2020.
This designation to the post was made on the recommendation of the University Supervisory Board, chaired by Mrs. Gabriele Stauner. In the next few months Olesya Unger will be engaged in communication processes between the Kazakh and German sides, as well as maintaining high standards of quality educational services of DKU.
Furthermore, Professor Heinz-Peter Höller, head of the DAAD project, was involved as a mentor to enhance interaction with the DAAD project.
The basic structure of the university administration, the Academic Council and other structural divisions of the DKU remain the same.