Student conferences

On 1th March 2019 Kazakh-German University holds the XI Annual International Scientific Student Conference «Contemporary Global Trends: Challenges and Risks for Central Asia».

The development of modern societies is in the process of large-scale changes and new global challenges associated with geopolitical, financial, and energy instability, as well as food, environmental, and information security, and the competition in the sphere of research and technologies. One of the key features of Central Asia in terms of contemporary global challenges is the increased dependence of the region on the situation in the international arena. On the other hand, some Central Asian countries seem to be «closing up' in neo-isolationism.

How can the economic and sociopolitical situation in the countries of Central Asia allow us to judge the dynamic and sustainable development of these countries in the medium term? How should the development strategies of these countries look like against the backdrop of competition of global and regional centers of power? What development opportunities and prospects does Kazakhstan have in the face of the existing reality? All these are the issues that will be discussed during the conference. The conference will be held in four sections:

Section 1 Transformation of International Relations in the XXI century
Section 2 Modernization of Economics in the context of Globalization
Section 3 Contemporary Global Digital Trends: Technological Aspects
Section 4 Multilingualism in the Context of Globalization: Challenges and Prospects.

  • Place: Almaty, Kazakh-German University
  • Registration start: 09:30
  • Conference opening: 10:00.
  • Conference working languages: Kazakh, Russian, English

All inquiries concerning the organization of the conference should be directed to Dr. Dinara Tyulyubayeva, associate professor, Director of the Department for Science and Innovation at Kazakh-German University. Contacts: +7 (727) 355 05 51 (218),

We invite all interested undergraduate and graduate students to take part in the Conference.

in the XI Annual International Scientific Student Conference: Contemporary Global Trends: Challenges and Risks for Central Asia, Kazakh-German University

Form of participation: personal attendance with presentation.

Participants: undergraduates, graduates students. Participation, presentation and publication in the collection of the conference proceedings is free of charge.

Stage 1 «Application Reception and Abstract»: the registration form and abstract should be submitted by February 15, 2019 in the language of the speaker’s speech.
Criteria for selection: the compliance of the abstract with the stated topic and guidelines, technical parameters, requirements and objectives of the Conference.
Stage 2 «Selection»: from February 15 to February 21, 2019
Stage 3 «Feedback»: from February 21 to February 24, 2019
Announcement of the result of the conference committee.
Stage 4 «Final»: March 1, 2019 г.
Presentation of the best works at the conference.

An abstract of 250−300 words should reflect a brief summary of the work, including the purpose of the research, hypothesis, methodology, novelty of the research and degree of independence, conclusions and areas of practical use of the results.

Following the meeting of the conference committee for each section, the best applications will be selected to participate in the conference. The best projects will be presented at the conference and published in the Collection of Young Scientists (electronic version). All conference participants receive certificates.

Registration: to participate in the conference, the candidates must send the completed registration form (Appendix I), including an abstract in the language of the speaker’s speech before February 15, 2019, indicating in the subject line the name of the relevant section.

For publication the authors of selected articles must send their articles for publication before March 18, 2019 to the responsible coordinator in each section (see below for contact details). The articles must be prepared in accordance with the requirements specified below (Appendix II).


Section 1 Transformation of International Relations in the XXI century
Coordinator: Dr. Ivanov Igor, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of KGU.

Section 2 Modernization of Economics in the Context of Globalization
Coordinator: Dr. Askarov Dauren, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of KGU; Pershina Irina, assistant professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of KGU.

Section 3 Contemporary Global Digital Trends: Technological Aspects
Coordinator: Dr. Tyulyubayeva Dinara, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Economic Sciences of KGU. Contact:

Section 4 Multilingualism in the Context of Globalization: Challenges and Prospects
Coordinator: Sandugash Bassanova, MA, Lecturer, Language Centre of KGU. Contact: