This programme prepares qualified specialists in the analysis of company prospects and risks on the globalized market. Graduates gain necessary skills and knowledge for strategy development as well as analysis of external business environment.

Duration of study: a 1−1,5 year master’s programme and a 2 year scientific-pedagogical master’s programme.

Languages of instruction: English and Russian.

Our students have a great advantage of having courses conducted by lecturers/professors from Germany.



  • International Management and Marketing
  • Theoretical basis of Enterprise Internationalization
  • Modern aspects of Business Management


Development and professional growth in any field of business and entrepreneurship as managers, experts and analysts of companies operating on international markets and involvement in foreign investments are possible.

Foreign lecturers

Hammer, Heinrich Otto

Prof. Dipl.-Volkswirt

Zips, Sebastian

Dr. MBA, M.A.

  • Student support

    Earn scholarships that cover tuition fees and living costs by your intellectual work.

  • Double Degree programme

    Study on Double Degree programme with international accreditation financed by DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service.

  • Professors from Germany

    You can attend lectures and classes conducted by professors from Germany, without leaving Kazakhstan.

  • Continuing education abroad

    You have opportunity to do internship in Germany, and after earning a bachelor’s degree you can study further there or in other countries.